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  • Lifestyle

    Two Teaser Pics from Van’s Trip.

    Being away from home is tough, but getting away a bit before summer ended was a must. Awhile back I posted up a pic of my bowl ticket ...

    On August 12, 2007 / By
  • Art

    Light Graffiti

    Came across this on Adgoodness and thought it was pretty dope. This is being created by using LED glowsticks, flashlights combined with time-lapse photography, light graffiti artists create ...

    On August 10, 2007 / By
  • Music 1

    Keith Murray – Hustle On

    Haven’t heard from Keith Murray in a good minute, but here’s some new ish. The beat on this joint is dope. For some old vids of Keith Murray ...

    On August 10, 2007 / By
  • Fashion

    Fitted Fridays: 3SIXTEEN SUIT PACK

    Was recently on Strictly Fitted when I spotted these beauties. Simple, clean and elegant. Exclusively available online at their webstore and the two fitteds come in limited quantities ...

    On August 10, 2007 / By
  • Lifestyle

    Video: X Games Jake Brown fall

    Not sure if you folks have seen this, but this is sick. First he hits an insane 720, but watch the second half of the trick. Straight gangsta ...

    On August 9, 2007 / By
  • Lifestyle 1

    Kanye West Concert in Vancouver: Presale Code

    Alright what’s good my peoples. In case y’all didn’t know the Kanye West and Ludacris concert was just recently announced this week. The concert is taking place at ...

    On August 9, 2007 / By
  • Music 2

    Throwback Thursday – Debbie Deb

    So my man Moni, hit you up with some memories. I’m about to do the same. When I was a youngin’ my folks listened to a lot of ...

    On August 9, 2007 / By
  • Music

    Throwback Thursday — Switch

    I guess it’s time to drop one of my all time favorite songs into the mix. I was four years old when “I Call Your Name” dropped, but ...

    On August 8, 2007 / By
  • Lifestyle

    Freestyle Battle Turns into Fisticuffs

    Two MCs get into some street shit after one of ’em snuffs the other for gettin’ too close. Only in Brooklyn, lol! And LMAO at all the fitteds ...

    On August 8, 2007 / By
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